Continuing Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

I support quality public services, innovation, and leadership by working closely with local governments on issues of public safety, economic development, transportation, and quality of life.  Maintaining sound and sustainable fiscal policies, investing in roads & bridges, preserving open spaces, and water quality & availability are my priorities as I continue to serve the residents of Washington County as commissioner. 


Real success in government can only come about when there is a shared vision and effort to work together.  Transparency and trust is critical to a unified goal and I believe strongly in the need to engage the public in the decision making process.  I deeply care about the opportunities Washington County can provide for the next generation.  Washington County’s progress is critically coupled to the success of our communities. I have brought this experience and leadership to the county board, and I hope residents have benefited from my service.  I would ask for the opportunity to continue to work on your behalf.